Nak gi pasar

Hari ni ari sabtu n it's 10.42 am. Normally ade pasar kat Place Voltaire yang dibuka seawal2 pukul 6 pagi sampai lar 1 petang. So since i've nothing( read:souvenirs) to bring back home utk family2 members n rakan2 terchenta..kna jugak pegi no matter wut happens pun. Other than that, i also need to go to the cinema 1 of these days before going back to msia because i won a free ticket to go n see any movies of my choice.wuhuuu!! can't wait..

Smalam i found tis cool website on kdrama and jdrama . Credit to Syaza,my all time favorite kmovie: 200 pounds of beauty.U guys should watch it too!! ;p Jdramas n Kdramas yg we all tgk when we were stil in highschool pun ade: Long Vacation, Winter Sonata, Marmalade Boys. Oh how i reminisce those times bile we were still teenagers n tergile2 kan F4! Klaka pun ade when we ponder upon wut we were 5 years ago. Hehe..

To sahut ur cabaran wahai shamaz, these are 8 random things of myself that i can think of:
  1. I was my nenek's favorite cucu. But sadly enough, she passed away when i was a 3rd former. The last time i saw her was a few weeks back before her funeral. She was admitted to the hospital for some rashes around her bottom that would later become graver n graver. I can't really explain how the ambiance was, but everyone was actually crying that particuliar day. N how later after going back to asrama, my mother told me that opah kept calling my name in the middle of the night: "Adik,adik ..meh tido dengan opah nak". All that i can do was pray hard for her wellbeing. Let us take us all recite Al-Fatihah for my 1 and only kesygan, Hajah Fatimah Haji Othman. I missed u so much, and i still do.
  2. I dont see myself as an independant girl. Biaselah anak bongsu kan?!Hehe..dulu my parents were there to clean up my mess. Skang dah study abroad, balak aku pule yg jage aku skang. Ekekeke..Thanx yeh daddy,mummy n abg yid for being there.
  3. X ske makan sayur. But pelik enough,i like taugeh the best of all vegies. I put them in all my meals. Sile try my favorite:nasi goreng taugeh.
  4. Have split identities. I can be very happy-go-lucky at times, then just in blink bleh bertukar jadi moody plak.Uuuu monstrousnyer saye!!
  5. Penat of studying already. Wanna grad cecepat n work!!
  6. I suck in everything. I dunno how to cook. Dunno how to keep my room clean constantly. X brani enough to travel alone smpai skarang. Haih Arlida Abdullah! Change a little will ya?Nilah die, malas n gedik namenyerr..
  7. I wish i can be as talented as Vanessa Mae. I really love playing violin. Tp sbb diterhadkan by time and geography, susah nak carik a producer or manager yg nak listen to my talent neh. Haha..berangan ah wei!! I even bought a violin thru ebay at the price of 60€
  8. X kisah lah after wut i stated up above, i still love myself n proud of who i am. I wanna smile and brighten everyone's life. I wanna live life to da fullest without regretting anything later on in life..
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  1. huhu.sume org suh aku tgk 200 pounds of beauty x tgk ke?hehe.

  2. gile besh weiii!!rugi x since ko tgh bz ngan exams,later2 lorrr..hehe