Huarrghhh..ngantuknyer saye!! Skang dah kul 8.47 pm french time. Since i woke up at 3 pm td, didn't do anything much n en +,fridge plak tgh kosong. Adoiii,it's sunday plak tuh so obviously lah carrefour tutup ari neh. So it's gonna be another 10 DREADFUL dayssss..b4 aku depart from paris charles de gaulle 16th august at 12noon local time. Daddy called juz now mengatekan tix flights suda diconfirmkann. yeayy!! syukur alhamdulillah yg amat gler 4 giving me da chance utk jumpe family yg sgt dikasihi. Eventho' balek kejap jer tis year, hopefully it's gonna be a meaningful one. Please help me ya Allah,gain my strength. Really2 wanna be seorg anak yg solehah. Help me up to not blow it tis time. Since aku fly ere, i've always had tis insecure feeling deep inside of me. Takut yg amat kalo2 cam tis is gonna the last of them dat i'm gonna see. Nauzubillah mintak dijauhkan byk2. Other than that,i'm just grateful. Oleh kerna lapar, aku pun belilah millefeuille dkat boulangerie juz in front of my house ni haaa. These 2 shops are d only shops who opens on sundays lar i guess:boulangeries n tabacs. Do u guys wanna know wut a millefeuille is?Ahaha terigt plak zaman2 wat exposé kat colmar dulu
Looks inviting enuff ker..hehe ;p

It's a pastry lar of course, made up of different layers of puff pastry yg kite alternatekan selang seli dgn cream, kadang2 bleh jugak gune jam or even whipped cream. Bleurghh..sure x sdap gne whip cream! Sebab tu ah mende alah ini dipanggil millefeuille in french mille=thousand and feuille=leaves or sheets.Got it guys? Italians pangggil these mille foglies..haha comey!! n the italians gune spinach,cheese n pesto as filling. Hoho spinach?Uiyo lepas ni bleh sruh popeye makan millefeuille made in italy plaks.hehs..Aku mmg sememangnyer wanted to learn n bake cakes sejak azali lg,but then i dun think buying an oven wud b worth it. Studio aku yg kecik amat neh,xkan nk cmpak dlm toilet kot..Tp par curiosité, nak jugak tau how a millefeuille is made kan.

wut we need to make the cream
- 1/2 liter of milk
- 1 perase vanilla
- 130 G of caster sugar
- 5 egg yolks
- 25 G of flour
- 30 G of maizena
- 25 G of butter

heat full-cream milk with perase vanilla and half of the caster sugar. separate the egg yolks then add on half of the caster sugar bersama egg yolk itu, add flour and maizena. masak cream pâtissière tuh atas pan for 3 minutes smpai menggelegak. later on,bile dah angkat from api kite add on fresh butter. sejukkan immediately.then yg laen tuh snang lar kan. Maen selang selikan sajer ngan puff pastry yg kite bleh beli ready made kat carrefour.ekekke..with dat chef arlida rest my case 4 today!!
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