résume of toussaint

Toussaint was damn cool! Nice having a quiet day after all the struggle,dlm studies ah especially. So here goes of what i did pendant les vacances:

Sunday n Monday 28 n 29 nov
went to la rochelle for raye gathering organised by kelab umno france. Bertolak as awal as 9 am from chateauroux,sncf plak wat hal wit not accepting cb on their machines and even at their guichets. Eventually kne berlari2 anak to the nearest atm amek duet, just in time for the bus to tours. Smpai2 jer trus bli ticket to La Rochelle via poitiers plak. Arrived at about 5.30 pm,safe and sound. on s'est débrouillés toutes seules carik hotel and all dat..hotel altica best gak ah.in the end kitorg lepak2 till night fell.went to "le rif"=kedai kebab yg claim menjual kebab tapi aku rase cam murtabak jer.haha..tapi seriously sedap and murah.only 5.50 for a set complet..wit poulet and legumes n telo.best best.thumbs up!ok so later bdak2 ni maen billards and aku pegi sigtseeing around LR wit d others, jep as travelguide. brrrr..going to the beach when it's cold is not a good idea. haha..dgn bingungnye kami bersantai2 di tepi pantai smbil minum2 coke and kononnye nak berkaraoke la ape laahhh..so cute laa kite ni.by 1am gitu kami pun pergi mcd plak for a supper.minum hot choc zarf blanje,yeay! then,kitorg pun blk ker bilik masing2.

the next day,we woke up so late.haven't been doing that in a longgg time.bermalas malasan is the best thing to do on hols.wargghh nak cuti lagi please?! so woke up at 11 kot.take turns taking showers.bergerak ker resto U where the event was held,dzarul drive. i was one of them yg x pakai baju kurung.hehe..mkn2 started.bratur panjang.satay nasik briyani ayam kari agar2 acar sayur.sedap sedap n sedap.kenyang..haha.not even trying making a sentence.malas siot, so later amek2 gambar sessions.colmariens rochelais tkcians kazen adik hadi yg comei adikbradik=ako.sum of da group pix dat i was in.random photos.gamba utusan ramai2 pun ade.dhirah zarf alan n amir as photographers.clap clap..

dat nite mkn kat iseo.sedap n mahal.borak2 ngan gavin n his heartbeak.hehe..later joint the boys sheysha plak.igt nak straight gi gare bli tix for d next morning to paris tp da tutup.so blk jer room trus krrohh krooohh for about 3 hours then bgn blk 4 cdg to ITALY!!yeay..

30 nov til 4th oct

Milan-bosan.nothing interesting sgt.went to their version of champs-élysées.quartier chic.window shopping.miu miuu.bankrap kalo ikut ati.but what surprises me d most is restaurant die sgt murahhhhh!!!!!!!pastas n pizzas all over the city at only 5 euros .damn!!knape tidak begitu di france?!

Naples + capri: naples reminds me much of kl.rude drivers.vandalisme.grafiti partout on the walls.tension in d air.workaholics walking n conquering d streets.penipu2 jalanan trying to sell laptops.dont b foolled!!tapi on d other hand,capriii!!!waaaa..lov at 1st sight.fusion of redang + Monaco.lawa lawa lawa n lawaaaa!!!blue waters.felt like snorkeling even if its freezing cold.a bit like genting also.gawping sights over the hill.magnificent view of mount vesuvius.shudn't have wore high heels.kaki rase nak tercabut.felt really like the lotus eater himself.minus the part where he wish he's dead by 60 lar kan.ape daaa!!pesimist gle.saye nak bli pulau capri.one day.when i'll b a milionnaire.death wish.haha..

rome: historic city.enchanting.kinda like a famosa.haha..1 day not enuff.gawked all d way sbb awe sgt.how those romanians were maju for their generation.colosseum.line pjg just to get in.so many things to see in so little time.transportation yg murah n senang.haihhh..so not like paris.tetiba i wish bleh pindah italy.just 4 d transpot n food.hulaaa...

so dat's daT.tis weeknd rehat time.cuz i'm sick cam ikan separuh mati.sore thorat=xde sore=emo semacam.damn!!

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